A walk at Sandy Ridge

Canadian Goose
Tree Swallow
American Bittern
Yellow Warbler
Male and female Wood Ducks
Trumpeter Swan
Trumpeter Swan
Blue Heron
Sand Hill Crane
Sand Hill Crane
Baltimore Oriole
Coopers Hawk
Coopers Hawk

We enjoyed a walk at Sandy Ridge Reservation this week. The wildlife was plentiful as we saw a variety of birds, reptiles and a big bull frog. The Dogwood was in full bloom along with other spring flowers. We saw several geese and duck families. The bald eagles were guarding their nest as they watched the wetland area from the sidelines. 

4 thoughts on “A walk at Sandy Ridge

  1. Jarrod, looks like a very lovely day and walk! Wow, and what a lot of wildlife you saw!!! You took some really great photos, it’s hard to pick some favorites but the photos of the Trumpeter Swan and Wood Ducks are so neat!

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